Faculty Of Nursing

Vision and Mission


The Gerontological Nursing Department's primary mission is to prepare qualified nursing students with basic and updated knowledge and skills in dealing with older adults in different settings. To help also students to learn the complexity of health issues due to the multiple body system changes and problems along with the bio-psycho-social-spiritual process of ageing. To provide opportunities for continuing education and training to enhance the development of updated knowledge and skills in the issues of gerontological care. To increase also awareness of the community toward healthy ageing. In addition, to follow methods of scientific researches in assessing problems encountered by older adults, apply the results of these researches in teaching students and disseminate them to professional colleagues, older adults, stakeholders, policy makers and community members. To encourage graduate students to publish scientific researches nationally, regionally and internationally.


The Gerontological Nursing Department has the potential to provide gerontological nursing students (undergraduate and postgraduate) with a holistic perspective and a strong understanding of the continuum of care in the health care delivery system. As well, connecting the health care professionals in the department with consumers and policy makers on issues associated with ageing. Emphasis is to foster learning, critical thinking and improve the quality of care provided to older adults in different settings. In addition, to raise public awareness about changes associated with ageing in the community.


  • Prepare a graduate qualified to deal with all needs of the older adults in the society.
  • Prepare cadres of the society members able to provide total care for the older adults.
  • Measure partnership between members of the Gerontological Nursing Department and those authorized to provide care for the older adults in the different sectors in the society.
  • Develop the professional abilities of the members of the Gerontological Nursing Department.

Scientific Degrees:

The department offers special courses needed to the following scientific degrees:

  • Master in Gerontological Nursing.
  • Doctorate in Gerontological Nursing.
  • Diploma in Gerontological Nursing.
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