Faculty Of Nursing

Vision,Mission and Objectives

 Vision,Mission and Objectives


The Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University aspires for a pioneering status worldwide as a center of excellence for nursing education and academic research, as well as, the contribution in the advancement of the nursing profession nationally, regionally, and internationally, through the graduation of well competent and highly trained graduate who have the professional nursing ability to meet the labor market demands and capable of effectively competiting in the era of technology and science, the faculty seek to achieve these objectives by taking advantage of the presence of expert group faculty members who have attained the high educational scientific degrees nationally and internationally. The facultyhopes through its continues and persistent efforts to be the first internationally accredited in the region.



As the first nationally accredited nursing faculty to seek excellence in the dissemination of scientific knowledge through offering high quality advanced educational programs that are evaluated periodically according to the international quality standarads for both baccalaureates and post-graduate students. The faculty also aims to apply methods of scientific research in teaching and puplish the scientific researches nationally, regionally, and internationally. The faculty also provides opportunities for continuing education and training the enhance the development of scientific and practical skills, which reflect on the community health and its welfare. Through strenghthing of cooperation with thw various health institutions, faculties and scientific research centers at national, regional, and international levels.


Strategic Objectives of the Faculty of Nursing- Alexandria University

  • Update the strategic plan to be consistent with the global changes and the strernghthen the overall progress toward the international accredation.
  • Develop the capacity of the faculty member and ancillary staff and encourage them to cellabcrate with regional, and international agencies to upgrade the educational process and scientific research.
  • Develop students' learning ability through achieving modern strategies in teaching and learning, and encourage them for continuing education in order to graduate higher caliber nurses in the various nursing specialists.
  • Establish special programs to such as open education to various segments of the society according to the societal needs and labor market requirements
  • Update the graduate programs to meet the international standards through contionous support to develop a system of integrated scientific research.
  • Commerciate scientific researches to improve the quality of nursing care based on evidence and take action to apply them in practical fields, and educations.
  • Setting an effective partenership with the various healthcare agencies through the provision of consultations at both laocal and regional levels by distinct faculty members.
  • Develop human and material resources to activate the role of social units and converting them into centers of excellence.
  • Activate self-evaluation and continuous improvement to achieve excellence in all elements of the higher education and scientific research.
  • Maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of community services on the faculty at the local and regional level.
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