"Nursing" obligates the postgraduate students from...

  Dr. Maha Adel, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University, declared that the postgraduate students have to publish a scientific pap [ ... ]

"Nursing" is discussing ways to develop education

  Dr. Maha Adel Salem, Dean of the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University has recently presented the minutes of meetings of the committees of [ ... ]

Ms. Saidah El Ghaiti to participate in the "Commit...

  The Faculty Council of Nursing, Alexandria University selected Dr. Saidah Mansour Abdel Latif El Ghaiti, the Assistant Lecturer at Community H [ ... ]

Dean's Word

It is an honor to be the dean of the Faculty of Nursing - Alexandria University. It is a great scientific edifice which plays an important role in leading healthcare on the regional and national levels. From its establishment in 1954, the Faculty of Nursing, Alexandria University has witnessed many scientific and technological developments, and graduated professional nurses armed with science, faith and high morals and who are carrying the message of nursing to become the focus of local, Arab and international attention.

It is also my honor to welcome the undergraduate and postgraduate students, in this institution which provides hope and ambition.  All the faculty members strive to educate, help and guide the students in gaining advanced scientific knowledge and skills in different nursing specialties, wishing them all the success.

May Allah bless us all and protect our beloved country “Egypt”.